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Whainga ako: re-write a story based on a video of Aotearoa.
One day Papatuanuku and his brothers when out into the big deep blue sea. They paddled and paddled until it went rough and rougher no one would ever want to go fishing with them. They were very dangers. .So they saw a shark they killed it  very hard and then they made  sharks bones into a spare they tried to kill some fish to eat. They missed the fishes and then the spares dropped to the bottom of the ocean then the biggest wave appeared from nowhere they tried to paddle and paddle away but it was after them.Then they looked very very close at the wave then they found out it was Tangaroa was trying to kill Papatuanuku and his the brothers paddle and paddle as fast as they can well Papatuanuku made more spares but when he was throwing the spares the spares didn’t hurt Tangaroa so they were very scared then...Ahhh they yelled Tangaroa bulled them over off there waka and then Tangaroa felt very bad  for trying to kill them. Then Papatuanuku and his brothers came up still alive and climbed back on to there waka.

So they paddle and paddle home down bye the Hikurangi  mountain and they sat and sat until Tangaroa went away.Then Tangaroa thought that they were very scared so Tangaroa laughed and laughed then Tangaroa said out loud ‘I have killed your whanau so you better come out and face your fear’.Papatuanuku was mad that's why they were missing on Saturday. So Papatuanuku and his brothers came out and faced there fear and Papatuanuku and his brothers yelled out and said ‘’come and have a challenge and if you lose you leave us alone’’and then Tangaroa replied ‘and if you lose i kill you ok’ ‘’they both said Deal’’.Tangaroa said to Papatuanuku and his brothers ‘’come start’’. They fighted and fighted all night then when Papatuanuku got  that right punch Tangaroa was down. Then… Papatuanuku was so happy then Tangaroa said ‘’i’m back’’Then Papatuanuku came back up and kept going. They throw spears swords shooted guns shark bones and there fish bones.Papatuanuku and his brothers were very scared because if they lose  Tangaroa will kill them and they won’t have a choice.But they still kept going they did not stop but then… AHHHHHHHH STOP Tangaroa picked them up and drowned.Then 10 minutes later...Tangaroa thought they were dead so he stumbled  off.Then Papatuanuku and brothers came back up from under the water. And they all said together ‘’he is gone yay yay now we are safe’’ so Papatuanuku and his brothers went home and they were all safe and Tangaroa did not know that they were alive Papatuanuku and his brother were happy.

Written By marvellous beautiful Elga-Jean

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