Friday, 18 July 2014

Mana Whenua - (Kaupapa for Wahanga Tuatoru)

Why is a marae important to us??

Whainga Ako:write an essay of 300 words about why a marae is important to you.

Kia ora ko Kyra-leiana toku ingoa
My marae is important because it means everything to me. Marae has always been in my mind.My marae is special to me because it is the one place where I can meet my whanau.Marae are so beautiful and gorgeous.My marae is important because no one can  take it away from me. My marae reminds me of people I know that has passed away and people I have been missing along long time.The marae is like my home but old.My marae is the first place that I have known ever since I was a baby.When I get called into my marae I get scared because I dont really know anyone.

My marae is important to me because that's where I belong. Ko Puhangatohora te maunga,Ko Punakitere te awa,Ko Okorihi te Ka mate te kāinga tahi, ka ora te kāinga ruamarae,Ko Ngatokimatawhaorua te waka,Ko Ngapuhi te iwi,Ko Ngati Ueoneone te hapu,Ko Athena raua ko Te Akau Oku matua Ko Kyra-leiana toku ingoa.My marae is the whare that has been the place I would want to live in. My marae is the whare built for me and my whanau that are alive or not. Sometimes when I go to a marae the people that are there don't know we are related. My marae is important because thats where my tupuna comes from and it links me to my family.Okorihi is the number one marae built for me. At my marae its got the marae then an empty square and then the cemetery.

My marae has been burnt down.My marae is the one I have known ever since I was born. My marae is mine forever.


Ka mate te kāinga tahi, ka ora te kāinga rua
When one house dies, a second lives
Historically used when two houses or families are merged due to the unfortunate circumstances of one particular family. However this could be used when something good emerges from misfortune.

Tangata ako ana i te whare, te turanga ki te marae, tau ana
A person who is taught at home, will stand collected on the Marae (meeting house grounds)
A child who is given proper values at home and cherished within his family, will not only behave well amongst the family but also within society and throughout his life.


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